When I’ve been to yoga training, I don’t think twice about wearing white and wrapping my head in a lovely white cotton scarf. however, ego kicks in once I leave my training and I become very self-conscious. but slowly I’m allowing myself to let go and tomorrow in class I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and instead of loosely wearing my scarf I’m going to go full wrap. and here’s the reason why.: πŸ€”

Yogi Bhajan taught us that the hair is alive and has an energy function. I am training to be aware of and master subtle energies. He recommends covering the head and hair with a cotton cloth or wrapped turban. πŸ‘³

Wearing a head covering enables us to command our sixth centre, the Ajna Chakra. Covering the head provides a sense of containment and focus while practicing yoga or while doing work that requires clarity of thought. It literally helps “keep your head together.” Covering the head creates a focus of the functional circuit of the hemispheres of the brain and tunes the neurological system. The whole head is to be covered, not just the crown chakra. πŸ˜πŸ™

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