Wow wow wow, what a journey from kundalini to gong training.. Amazing.. πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ’ž

😍So a bit about the gong and why nearly everyone should experience the sacred and ancient instrument: ✌️:

πŸ™ Stimulates circulation and nerve endings

πŸ™ Stimulates and balances the glandular system. The pituitary gland benefits from the vibration and sound

πŸ™ Works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies quietening the mind

πŸ™ clears the clutter from the subconscious mind

You will definitely have an experience when listening or chanting with the gong, my advice is to be open to the sacred sounds and let it flow through your being.

My gong will be making an appearance in my classes and workshops and will be arranging sound baths with the gong and singing bowls. Watch this space. 😁


β€œThe sound will carry you beyond your fears.Β  The pressure (of the vibration of the gong) will release the nervous system of many illnesses… To regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, nothing is more powerful than the sound of the gong.”
–Β  Β Yogi Bhajan

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