Here’s what some of my clients have said about me.

I look forward to Lindsay’s Kundalini yoga sessions every time I book. They’re both relaxing & energising, helping me feel amazing throughout. She has a beautiful way of explaining how to do the exercises and meanings behind them. I love the mix of spirituality, movement, vibration, learning & release and always come away feeling refreshed, revived and full of love. Highly recommended as a class & also a way of living. 💖 Xxx

Sarah Crimmens

I accidentally happened upon Lindsay and Kundalini Yoga about 9 months ago- her classes and teaching style are just wonderful. She is thoughtful and conscientious in sharing her passion of Kundalini yoga with us. Inclusive and supportive no matter where you are in your life regarding fitness, kundalini knowledge and spiritual journey. Lindsay takes the time to connect with you and inspires you to become the best version of yourself. Lindsay and the community that she creates, has changed my life for the better helping me re connect with my soul purpose and become more present in my life ❤️💫 Kundalini Lindsay we love you ❤️

Vicky Blackburn

I came with a heavy heart and left with it mended and ready to help others. Thank you for arranging such an amazing experience allowing us to repair our hearts, souls and minds each month. You are two wonderful ladies who just get us all💞👏❤️

Emma Brooks

I love Lindsay’s Kundalini Yoga sessions so much! Amazing for both my body and soul! I love the tingling sensation, the energy and the workout I get from these sessions. I feel so much calmer and re-centred and I can tell I worked out as well, as I get muscle pain the next day. 😁 The added benefit is that the community feel and connection within the group is fabulous too! I always look forward to her sessions. Thanks a lot Lindsay, you’re a great and passionate teacher! ❤

Inga Lightley

I’m so pleased I have found Kundalini yoga, it helps me to align my busy mind. The meditation and breathing techniques give me a feeling of calmness which is needed for me with the pressures of work and busy life.  Lindsay is an amazing teacher she creates a peaceful, relaxing and fun class enabling everyone to connect with each other which creates a loving friendly vibe. Sat Nam 💕

Jaimie Thompson

💓🦋 Really looking forward to seeing my gorgeous Lindsay Hamberg. These moments are ones that make me so grateful to of found such a lovely community in Kundalini. I’ve met some amazing incredible people (you all know who you are) but a little mention of Paula Donaldson as you have changed my life an introduced me to Lindsay and the chain of events after that has just being bliss! The magic of Kundalini it’s just crazy & I just could burst with happiness for all that it teaches me and introduces me too.

Siobhan Abigail

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