Sukha Sangat Wellbeing Retreats

Blissful Tribe

  • Find your authentic happiness with your true tribe
  • Nourishment for mind, body and soul

Your hosts are awaiting your arrival:

Paula Marie and Lindsay Hamberg are excited to bring to you the most epic of Wellbeing Retreats intertwined with all things to nourish your mind, body and soul.

The retreats promise to align you to happiness, joy and bliss – happiness is your birthright! To be held in a beautiful, warm and safe space with a community coming together to raise high vibrations.

You will be welcomed into the retreat with a warm smile from Paula and Lindsay where we will begin our journey settling into your space with chillout refreshments to calm and shrug off any tightness or tension. Leading into a flowing kundalini yoga set and beautiful meditation.

The day will flow with divine energy and be intertwined with kundalini yoga (the yoga of awareness and perfect for the times that we are in), shakti inspired dance with free-flowing yoga to find your inner rhythm, celestial communication linking essential oil scents, sound bath with the sacred sounds and vibration of the gong, and Yoga Nidra.

You will be nourished with a beautiful plant-based delight prepared by our Paula. The theme for the retreats will change and may include Indian or Persian plant-based cuisine. Enough to tickle and tantalise your taste buds.

11 Day Meditation

Meet your host Paula:

Hi, I’m Paula the founder of fig leaf plant-based life and I am a plant-based chef working along the principles of you are what you eat.  I use only whole foods in my cooking with the aim To deliver optimum nutrients for your health and wellbeing.  My food style I would describe as world cuisines as my influences are my world travels, I love to bring a little bit of my travels to your plate bursting with flavours and colour.  One of my Loves is making raw foods especially desserts.  All of my food is dairy-free, refined sugar-free and mostly gluten-free.

I have been in the food and hospitality industry for 26 years and feel blessed to have finally found my tribe cooking for like-minded souls at retreats alongside delivering plant-based food across the northeast.  I love to educate so always on hand to answer any questions at events and retreats whether you are just curious about going plant-based or looking for a way to help improve your health…

Health is wealth …I look forward to meeting you all at future retreats near and far.

Lindsay HambergMeet your host Lindsay:

Satnam, my name is Lindsay and I am from the North East of England.  I have a love and passion for all things wellbeing and spread that love everywhere I go.  I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Guided Meditation Teacher, Sound Therapy with the sacred sound of the Gong and my path is leading me to be a Shakti Dance Teacher too. 

It would be selfish of me to hold all I know to myself that is why I share all my holistic therapies to everyone at an affordable price.  I believe the holistic tools that I share supports wellbeing in such a way that you WILL live your best life, connecting to your authentic happiness and surrounded by a community of like-minded people.

The Sukha Sangat Retreats are dreamed up by Paula Marie and me.  Paula brings pure nourishment to mind and body by conjuring up the most amazing plant-based delights throughout the day. 

The venue was chosen because of its beautiful views, nestled in the beautiful Northumberland Countryside, and yet easily accessible as it is 20 minutes from Newcastle upon Tyne City Centre.

Your health in mind, body, and soul is so important. To live your best life is to carve out YOU time to Relax, Release, and Recharge; you’re worth it.

Looking forward to welcoming you. Happiness within, always. 

Lindsay x

11 Day Meditation

We may at times invite a guest teacher to share their knowledge and will be fitting with the theme of the retreat. Ideas for our guest teachers may include numerology, shamanic drumming and more.

OMG what’s not to love!!! You’re worth every drop of magic that the retreats will bring!! We can’t wait.

All you have to do is book your space and be open and connect to the MAGIC of YOU!!

Ready to join the next Sukha Sangat Wellbeing Retreat?

We’ve got a special evening event on the 23rd June 2021 from 5pm til 9:30pm

With the next daytime retreat, with availability, on Sunday 25 July 2021 from 12 noon til 6 pm

We are so looking forward to sharing these events with you. Exciting times!

Sukha Sangat Wellbeing Day Retreats take place at:

      Newton & Bywell Community Hall



      NE43 7UL

Wednesday 18 August 2021 – 4pm to 9:30 pm

Book  here…

Sunday 19 September 2021 – 10 am to 6 pm

Book  here…

11 Day Meditation

Did you know Sukha is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as:

Happy, good, joyful, delightful, at ease, agreeable, gentle, mild, and virtuous.  Its literal translation is often given as “good space,” coming from the Sanskrit words, su (good) and kha (space).

Did you know Sangat is a Sikh term with its origin in the Sanskrit word sangh, which means company, fellowship and association.

Kundalini yoga is all about community, and we too call this Sangat.  Where like-minded souls come together in a tribe, a community and do amazing things.

Here are some reviews from our Blissful Tribers:

For me, being a part of Lindsay’s blissful tribe is life changing. Lindsay’s energy is so powerful and uplifting, she has a natural ability to bring people together. I have met and made life long friendships from all walks of life.

2017 I did my first class and have followed Lindsay ever since, not only practicing Kundalini yoga but many of her 11-day meditation programmes, workshops followed by a vegan meal, shamic drumming, gong sound baths, mini well-being retreats and recently becoming a wild sea woman.

Lindsay is more than a yoga teacher she has become my soul sister 💖

Katie Hedley

I came across Lindsay’s kundalini yoga last year during lockdown.

I was sceptical because I have tried doing yoga in the past but found it difficult with a disability but kundalini yoga changed my mind.

I love it because every week is different, it includes a mix of everything I love, conscious breathing, chanting, exercises to move energy around the body, meditations and fab 11 day meditation programmes and deep relaxation.

Lindsay is a brilliant teacher who makes you feel welcome and explains every exercise so you can follow and do it at your own pace.

Thanks Lindsay, I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I love it.

Gill Minto

I feel amazing today!! I just want to thank you Lindsay for being an angel in disguise.

To let you know I am truly grateful to you and I know in my heart that being led to you has been a universal plan, you have become such an asset to my life!!!


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