Happiness found in amongst the craziness of the world we find ourselves in.. I am even thinking.. what else does 2020 have in store for us.. are little green aliens going to be bouncing through the universe to us. I have a feeling anything is possible..

Anyhow happiness for me has come in the form of finding a balance at long last.. my boys have their mam a lot more than they did as life has slowed down, I mean could I have really gone on the way I was..

Happiness has also come from helping others, with small acts of kindness as well as sharing yoga online to a tribe of lovelies open to the yoga technology for mind and body.

It is in these times that I have dug deeper than ever before with yoga and meditation.. and that I wanted to share to as many people as possible.. That is why I am sharing online yoga classes and I have now also designed and started to deliver 11 day yoga/ meditation programmes, which have been amazingly received.. and wow wow wow.. is what I can say!!

The 2 programmes shared so far have focused on self love and letting go.. and the breakthroughs that myself and others have had are A M A Z I N G..

Here’s some fab feedback I’ve received:

‘This has been such a surprising revelation to have experienced during lockdown.I feel so much calmer and have left some of my deep anxieties behind that seemed to plague my days. I feel that I have so much more energy and feel moments of real happiness even though lockdown has been so hard especially shielding living on my own. I love the music and the whole thing feels quite sensuous. It has really comforted me . Thank you Lindsay. You are amazing’

‘It was hard at first making the time and remembering all the different things- breath, eyes, hands, chant but then that all seemed to slip into place and become easier. I find it calms me and because I do it early in the morning that calmness carries through the day. I started to enjoy it so much so that I’m still doing it on day 18 and having the support from you and the WhatsApp group has also been really good’

‘I seem to have a lot more energy? being in connection with nature? Love being outside with nature.? endless energy. I’m sure it’s to do with my kundalini practice’

‘Totally love it! It brings up loads of energies that clearly need releasing and it can be very painful and emotional at times but I know it’s all for the greater good as afterwards I always feel much better and often get that magical tingly feeling dancing around my body making me aware that there is a powerful and greater force within me and the world as a whole, and that I’m loved and protected in a way that can’t really be described in words. I love it 💞xxx’

‘I have really benefited from the letting go program. I realised there were things I was giving too much attention to and the negative impact this was having. I now see things more lightly and it has helped me to recognise my own needs (I say needs loosely) and to give energy to that rather than get caught up in things that are not serving me. I was surprised at the shift to be honest in a short space of time and really grateful for the practice. When I bow at the end I say words of gratitude for how it is helping me and I think this adds to the value of it for me.
I’m continuing for 40 days as I really want this to stick xxx’

The 11 day programme is a great way to start if you’re looking to begin your yoga and meditation journey, to connect within, to tune into your mind and body, to build up your practice or to add to your daily practice and to have support in a group to do it (facebook, WhatsApp and email so no-one misses out on the beauty of community support) and be held in a nurtured and safe space.

The 11 day programme is free for the Blissful Tribe Online Members, as well as access to online yoga zoom classes and a library of yoga videos accessible via the website 24/7.. and the investment is only £7 per month with no tie in by clicking here..

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I have felt the waves of emotions, from excitement to fear of the unknown, and when we cleanse ourselves it really does help to face challenges from a much better head space..

I always say we’re on a life journey, and we have the ability within us to choose IF we react, how we live and what we do to be the best version of ourselves.. a cleanse of the mind and body daily will help ride the waves and to be connected to your higher self, your truth..

Much love.. x

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