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Authentic Happiness with your True Tribe

  • Are you ready to return to the driving seat of your life because you are no longer willing to put up with life on autopilot?
  • Are you ready to break out of the shackles of always chasing after bigger, better, more but never feeling true happiness?
  • Do you want a sense of calm and peace in your life?
  • Do you have a busy life juggling work, family and feel like you have no time? I’ve been there, close to burn out!
    • This is the exact time that you must take action to look after you
  • Are you ready to experience the freedom to be YOU? And willing to move away from feeling isolated, that you don’t fit in and that nobody gets you.
    • This is the exact place for you where you will fit completely in; you’ll find your true tribe

11 Day Meditation

In 60 minutes on Monday evening, I can help you find what you are looking for.

Monday 19 April 2021 at 7.30 pm

An evening where I will share how you can achieve authentic happiness with your true tribe by connecting to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation so that you can understand how to be in constant flow of happiness, have a sense of calm in your life and why its important to feel a sense of belonging with your true tribe.

I will be explaining the benefits of a daily practice and share a beautiful meditation with movement (celestial communication) so that you know what it’s all about to carve out some YOU time to experience your bliss.

What to expect:

The Workshop will delve deep into what authentic happiness means: Yes, happiness is an emotional state when we feel joy, bliss and even contentment, focusing on positive emotions and satisfaction at where we are in this moment. Let us understand how we hold this in our heart and nurture these feelings so that we can be in constant flow of happiness.

We will better understand the waves of life which includes our emotions and how we can ride the waves between positive and negative, like the natural design of nature the sunshine must follow clouds and clouds must follow sunshine. The real beauty of experience and life is based on this variation of light and dark.

In this place you will find intelligence and grace. Happiness will shine within and through you even in the challenging times as you can come from a place where you can develop a neutral mind, keeping centred, whole, and together.

My 5 top tips to improve happiness is to:

  • Commit to a self-care daily practice
  • Show kindness to you and others
  • Have confidence in your character
  • Practice gratitude
  • Find a sense of purpose

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11 Day Meditation

The Workshop will explore the benefits of a tribe and what that means for Body, Mind and Soul.  Being part of a tribe is deeply engrained into the human experience and how we establish self-worth.  We will dig deep into the enormous health benefits and what the 4 ‘B’s below signify. 

  • BEING: Self-acceptance (personal)
  • BELONGING: Member of one or more groups (social)
  • BELIEVING: Guiding values and ethic (ethical/spiritual)
  • BENEVOLENCE: Kindness and generosity

 Feeling a deep sense of belonging contributes to proven positive health outcomes too:

  • Long term wellbeing and happiness
  • Is a stress buffer
  • Protects against depression
  • Improves performance and motivation
  • Gives life meaning
  • Provides continuity and expands thinking

 A little about the Meditation with Movement:

The movement with mantra meditation that I will be sharing in the Workshop gives you an enchanting, magnetic personality and surrounds the magnetic field with protective light.  In practicing the meditation, you will visualise protection surrounding you in each direction when flowing into each movement – it really is beautiful.

Not only is this a powerful mantra to be used for protection but it will also help you to gain clarity and to receive guidance from your higher self, attracting abundance to live your destiny.

My bonus gift to you as a thank you for attending the Workshop will be an E-Journal to guide you into each day and track your daily practice and an invite to join the 11 Day Meditation Programme.


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