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I’m super excited to share Kundalini Yoga and the Gong at upcoming events, workshops and retreats across the North East and far away too.

In the classes you will work with a technology that is like finely tuning your mind, body and soul, like an MOT.. The technology is 1000s of years old kundalini yoga teachings of exercise, breath, mantra, mudra and meditation.

Kundalini yoga was brought to the western world in the swinging 60s.. A time recognised by many as the hippie cultural revolution. A time when people searched for expanded consciousness, sometimes aided by drugs and alcohol, they were going about it all wrong. To reach your highest consciousness it can only be done BY YOU CONNECTING TO YOU not with chemicals etc.. You go within practicing yoga and meditation and that’s when East met West, a new spirituality that combined ancient knowledge with modern practicality.

‘It’s everyone’s birth right to be happy and healthy and the practice of kundalini yoga is the way to claim that birth right’.

In our events, workshops and retreats you’ll enjoy the sacred sound of the gong which sends you on a journey within, deepening your experience. It stimulates circulation and nerve endings, stimulates and balances the glandular system. The pituitary gland benefits from the vibration and sound, working deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies quietening the mind and clearing the clutter from the subconscious mind.

Be prepared to be relaxed and rejuvenated. x

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