BONUS for Blissful Tribe Members


11 Day Meditation Programme

4 times a year I offer my Blissful Tribe Members an exclusive live-taught juicy bonus

The brilliant bonus is access to an online 11-day meditation programme.

There is something to be said about meditating with a community whether it is in-person, virtual or just knowing that you are committing to a practice with other beautiful souls who will be starting around the same time too.

  • Can you spare 30 minutes for 11 days?
  • Do you want to feel calmer and more focused?
  • Do you need a little restoration in your life right now?

The 11 Day Meditation Programme is a great way:

  • To dip your toe in and start your yoga and meditation journey
  • To try something new
  • For anyone who is looking to find ways to calm the mind
  • To carve out some self-care time
  • To offer guidance to those who know what to do, but just need a little encouragement to ‘keep it up’ (yes I’m including even those that are trained to do this too) Sometimes we can give out the best advice but don’t even carve that time for ourselves
  • To discover your authentic happiness
  • To connect with a true tribe of like-minded people on a journey to better health in mind, body, and soul

Together, let’s carve out 30 minutes for ‘self-care’ each day to

  • Receive your daily uplifting emails which will include the Meditation with Movement
  • Record your experience by journaling in the Facebook or WhatsApp Group and your E-Journal
  • Keep hydrated by noting your water and herbal tea intake
  • Go for a mindful walk connecting to your senses
  • Recognise acts of kindness
  • Practice gratitude

Your health in mind, body, and soul is so important. To live your best life is to carve out YOU time to Relax, Release, and Recharge; you’re worth it.

Join now and not only will you be able to access the upcoming 11-day programme, you will also have access to the past recorded 11 Day Meditation Programmes which are ready and waiting for you to try in the Blissful Tribe members area:

  • Self-Love Meditation
  • Letting Go Meditation
  • Meditation for Prosperity
  • Meditation for Wealth and Intuitive Opportunity
  • Movement with Mantra Ajai Alai

See you in our Blissful Tribe. x

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