Lindsay’s Unique Approach

Why a Health Coach?

Before I started my health coaching journey I lived a stressful life with no direction and a constant, underlying feeling that I wasn’t in alignment with how I felt my life should look.

I saw my relationship with food as more of a convenience than nutrition and fuel for my body, and as a result I was unhappy with how I looked, continuing to carry weight around my middle after the birth of my third son.

My fast paced, hectic lifestyle was taking its toll not only on my mood but also my skin and my diet. I suffered with low energy and felt bloated most of the time. I used to live for the weekends so that I could crack open a bottle or two to ‘relax’. Everything was going South and I knew as a result of all of this, something had to change.

The change came the day I realised that I wanted better control of my work-life balance, I needed to reduce day-to-day- stress and take back control of my life; I was under too much stress, stress that had unearthed trauma from years ago, I wasn’t where I needed to be and the challenge was to change that.

This drove me to look at counselling and spiritual work. On reflection, this was truly my lowest point, and I knew at that moment that my life had to change.

Taking on that challenge was enlightening, and I began to realise that my health should never be taken for granted. I began to look at all aspects of my lifestyle and as I turned 40, I experienced a huge wake-up call. Life really was for living and I had to break free from ground hog day! For me, it became incredibly important to take back the control of my own health and wellbeing, and to learn to love myself enough again to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

My life experiences have given me the strength and courage to help others find their happy on a much deeper level and to create a healthy sustainable lifestyle. I meet with a nutritionist monthly gaining vast knowledge of how food nourishes the body, as well as pursuing continuous studies in advanced nutrition; to look and feel good on the outside the work first begins on the inside. I completed my health coaching studies along with advanced nutrition and life coaching with the Health Coach Institute and Holistic MBA where I was educated at a deeper level around the art and science of habit change so people can get real lasting results. Throughout my journey I have found a love for kundalini yoga ‘The yoga of awareness’ which has helped me to connect my body, mind and emotions and I begin my journey to become a kundalini yoga teacher in 2018 with the Sahej Academy.

I have found my happy in health and lifestyle and surround myself with like-minded people. It is here and now that I feel in alignment to who I am, more energised, full of love and making healthier choices for me and my family. I’m not perfect and I do not deprive myself, but I do not judge, life is for living. What I do now is be curious as to how or what my body is saying which tends to sway more to healthier choices.


t: 0777 624 1964


Woodcroft Close, Anitsford, Northumberland. NE23 7UF


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