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Blissful Tribe

  • Are you ready to return to the driving seat of your life because you are no longer willing to put up with life on autopilot?
  • Are you ready to break out of the shackles of always chasing after bigger, better, more but never feeling true happiness?
  • Do you want a sense of calm and peace in your life?
  • Do you have a busy life juggling work, family and feel like you have no time? I’ve been there, close to burn out!
    • This is the exact time that you must take action to look after you
  • Are you ready to experience the freedom to be YOU? And willing to move away from feeling isolated, that you don’t fit in and that nobody gets you.
    • This is the exact place for you where you will fit completely in; you’ll find your true tribe

The 11 Day Blissful Meditation Programme

11 Day Meditation

It is such a pleasure to now offer consistent meditation programmes that we start together and offer support and encouragement throughout the 11 days in the Facebook Group or WhatsApp Group.

This ensures connection and commitment. The personal touch to each programme is clear to see in every aspect from; introduction, to the flow of the daily practice that is shared via email each day, to the finale of the 11 days that can be done in sangat (together in community) via zoom and encouragement to keep going for 40 days too.

The 11-day programme is a great way:

  • To dip your toe in and start your yoga and meditation journey
  • To try something new
  • For anyone who is looking to find ways to calm the mind
  • To carve out some ‘self-care’ time
  • To offer guidance to those who know what to do, but just need a little encouragement to ‘keep it up’ (yes I’m including even those that are trained to do this too) Sometimes we can give out the best advice but don’t even carve that time for ourselves
  • To discover your authentic happiness
  • To connect with a true tribe of like-minded people on a journey to better health in mind, body, and soul
Blissful Tribe

There are so many benefits to a daily practice and specifically when it comes to kundalini yoga and meditation.

Listed below are 10 amazing benefits that are perfect for the times that we are in:

  • Develop inner guidance
  • Increased vitality and wellbeing
  • Deeper concentration
  • Live mindfully
  • Increased positive energy
  • Flow with thoughts and emotions and come from a neutral mind
  • Reduce stress and negative emotions
  • Connect with authentic happiness
  • Increased spiritual connection
  • Connect with like-minded people

Spring into Guidance and Protection

I invite you to take part in the 11-day meditation programme for Guidance & Protection as we arise from lockdown and into a new energy.

Let’s carve out 30 minutes for ‘self-care’ each day to receive daily uplifting emails and do the Celestial Communication.

We start on Monday 26 April when I will send you an email at 6 am and it’s up to you when in the day you do it. You will receive daily emails for the remainder of the 11 days with a live Zoom on the 11th day.

The next live 11-day meditation programme starts on Monday 26 April 2021








You will be invited into a private Facebook or WhatsApp Group where we will come together as a tribe and support one-another.
11 Day Meditation

  • Receive daily uplifting emails and do the Celestial Communication
  • Record your experience by journaling in the Facebook or WhatsApp Group and your E-Journal
  • Keep hydrated by noting your water and herbal tea intake
  • Go for a mindful walk connecting to your senses
  • Recognise acts of kindness
  • Practice gratitude

The 11-day programme is included in the Blissful Tribe Online Membership, where you can also take advantage of the perks of being a member by accessing online live yoga zoom classes and a library of recorded yoga videos accessible via the website 24/7.

The investment is only £11 per month by clicking the button below, with no tie in and you can opt-out anytime

Join our blissful tribe

Here are some reviews from our Blissful Tribers:

For me, being a part of Lindsay’s blissful tribe is life changing. Lindsay’s energy is so powerful and uplifting, she has a natural ability to bring people together. I have met and made life long friendships from all walks of life.

2017 I did my first class and have followed Lindsay ever since, not only practicing Kundalini yoga but many of her 11-day meditation programmes, workshops followed by a vegan meal, shamic drumming, gong sound baths, mini well-being retreats and recently becoming a wild sea woman.

Lindsay is more than a yoga teacher she has become my soul sister 💖

Katie Hedley

I came across Lindsay’s kundalini yoga last year during lockdown.

I was sceptical because I have tried doing yoga in the past but found it difficult with a disability but kundalini yoga changed my mind.

I love it because every week is different, it includes a mix of everything I love, conscious breathing, chanting, exercises to move energy around the body, meditations and fab 11 day meditation programmes and deep relaxation.

Lindsay is a brilliant teacher who makes you feel welcome and explains every exercise so you can follow and do it at your own pace.

Thanks Lindsay, I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I love it.

Gill Minto

I feel amazing today!! I just want to thank you Lindsay for being an angel in disguise.

To let you know I am truly grateful to you and I know in my heart that being led to you has been a universal plan, you have become such an asset to my life!!!


11 Day Meditation

Join Us…

Join now and not only will you be able to access the upcoming 11-day programme: Spring into Guidance and Protection, you will also have access to the following 11 Day Meditation Programmes, ready and waiting for you to try in the Blissful Tribe members area:

  • Self-Love Meditation
  • Letting Go Meditation
  • Meditation for Prosperity
  • Meditation for Wealth and Intuitive Opportunity
  • Movement with Mantra Ajai Alai

See you in our Blissful Tribe. X

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