😁Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t say I’ve ever had a problem with drinking, I’m a girl who partied from my teens, through my 20s and 30s and enjoyed looking forward to my weekends to wind down and socialise which meant house parties, the local, meals out, toon, festivals & clubbing, getting more into my 30s it was completely and socially acceptable to get to a weekend, kick your feet up and have a drink whilst watching s**t TV.. But why, why feel the need to drink when you’re not even doing anything. One glass of vino can easily turn into a bottle and before you know it, you’re tiddly and take yourself off to bed to feel tired and crappy the next day. 😴

🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️Since doing yoga and more so over the past couple of years I’ve slowly and surely reduced drinking (ps I’ve never been a big drinker) as I realise, I can find my happy and relaxation without alcohol and function 100% better. Now again don’t get me wrong I’ve still enjoyed the odd drink but felt that it still had control over me. The habit of saying to myself ‘ooh what am I going to drink at the weekend a vino, red or white? Gin, which flavour?’ but why even have those thoughts.

🙏💞Our habitual rhythms, choices and patterns of routine have a strong impact on our lives. In fact, in many ways it is these things that define us. There are all kinds of studies that show it take at least 40 days to make or break a habit, to strongly promote personal change. So, I set an intention after white tantric on 25 January that I wasn’t going to have an alcoholic drink for 40 days. And I’ve done it.

🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️😎🙏💞And I’m totally chuffed with myself. When each weekend came I didn’t even flicker. I’ve broke the habit. 🙏💞

🙏Anyone can do this for anything they want.

🙏😎🙏It all begins with making an intention… figuring out what is it you want to do? To change? To give up or release? Or maybe it’s something instead you are looking to cultivate. This doesn’t have to be the intention of a saint…  It can be as simple as I want to quit smoking, I want to stop complaining about work because I know it drains my energy, I want to eat healthier food, have more exercise in my routine, or I simply want to find more peace in my life, more joy, more love. It is important to give ourselves space to recognise the things we want to change and to consider the steps we may need to take to get there… This doesn’t happen overnight, and it won’t necessarily happen after committing to 40 days of making a new habit… But in planting these so called seeds we can expect to see new things, good things, starting to grow. Xxx 💞 🙏 💞

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