Doh still learning.. 🤓

🤔Karma is simple cause and effect.  It is action and reaction, if something happens to you and you just don’t react, you can stop karma in its tracks.

😳When you become aware of something, the power of the mind kicks in and change begins to happen immediately. Being connected to the present really helps to become aware and whatever you put your attention to will flourish and grow.  If you make the decision to become aware and observe your reactions, you’ll begin to see change in how your life flows.

🤪 A simple yet ‘bad’ habit that you currently have for example, instigating an argument and not knowing when to stop, road rage with other drivers on the road, reacting to a negative comment made by a close family member or jealous of a situation. YOU will change yourself if you just stop reacting.

🙏A reaction to a situation is mostly linked to emotion. When someone says or does something it triggers in you a train of thought, which you then engage with emotion. The overwhelming emotion builds up in you and that is when you react. This takes up a lot of energy that you could use for better things in your life. This doesn’t mean taking no action at all. It means not reacting when something happens to you or someone does something that makes you want to respond.

😜Everyone has a way of behaving and we all have a history. A reaction leads from a built-up momentum which is unique to you and makes you who you are. Everything that’s ever happened to you now and in the past has served to give you this momentum of who you are and comes from the subconscious mind.  It is here where all and I mean ALL information is stored. It’s this momentum of the mind that makes you want to react when confronted and when you react, then you remain on the wheel of karma, action and reaction, cause and effect.

🎡Karma is often referred to as a wheel because it keeps on spinning. Every time something confronts you and you react; it causes another like event or action and then you react again and the wheel keeps spinning until you consciously step off it by not reacting. Each time you choose not to react, you take back a part of your energy that you once would have used up on crazy emotional outbursts, constant plotting, negative thoughts, blowing it out of proportion and planning ways to handle some meaningless event which we can turn into a catastrophic event in our minds.  By the way this is absolutely normal, but now that we know we can put things in place to jump off the Karma wheel.

🌻When you learn not to react and live in karma you take back more and more of your positive energy which you had previously wasted on a reaction and you can make better choices and live in your TRUTH. You can use this positive energy to put your mind, body and soul behind a purpose that resonates deep inside you, the connection to the soul.  This is known as dharma. Dharma can be described as action in line with your higher purpose and your higher consciousness. When you’re in line with your higher consciousness, there’s no barrier nor resistance because you’re in line with the higher part of YOU and so your power in action is supported by your soul and that drives you forward to your soul’s purpose, your TRUTH.

🌈😉 Don’t overthink all I have said in this blog, all you have to do is practice not reacting and make it a positive habit, live in the moment, if a sensation, a feeling, a n emotion arises recognise it and take a moment to think before you react.  If you practice not reacting eventually your mind will calm and the power, you take back, will begin to guide you and the right events will appear.  Be patient with yourself and live each day in the moment, take care of the mind, by practicing yoga and meditation, and bring in mindfulness techniques.  Observe what is around you and engage your senses.  Look after your body by being healthy, we are what we eat, drink and watch.  Treat yourself to that Epsom salt bath and early night or go out for a nice meal with friends/family. Do things that nourish your whole being.

😁✌️ By welcoming these small changes and practicing for even a short time each day will strengthen your mind, body and soul.  Be patient and you will begin to attract certain circumstances, people and events that you require to live in dharma. It is at this moment that you will transcend the momentum of your karma and move forward with the purpose of your life and lead the way to inspire others.

💞Sat nam – truth is my identity.. It’s all about living your truth.. Xxx 💞 🙏 💞

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